Japanese⇔English language services

We at Wise Babel provide the services of translation, evaluation and proofreading of documents in or between Japanese and English. Ordering any of these services couldn't be easier — you can complete your order on our website in a matter of minutes, just like with any other Internet shopping! Then just sit back, relax, and wait for the delivery! Why not take a look? If you prefer, instead of paying up front, you can ask us for a quotation specific to your needs.

We are particularly proud of, though not limited to, our knowledge and skills in scientific articles, and offer the highest-quality service available anywhere. Especially, physics is our professional territory and our knowledge is comparable to scientists at the cutting edge — and of course translators!

Even in this era of globalisation, the Tower of Babel still stands between us humans. We are happy to help overcome the language barrier between English and Japanese speakers!

Our services

Translation between Japanese and English (either way)

A translation example: Jefferson's word, taken from Addicted to War

An excerpt from Addicted to War by Joel Andreas, translated by Y. Kikuchi, M. Sakano et al.

Translation — We are proud of the accuracy and quality of our translation from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English.


Evaluation of existing translations between English & Japanese

A note with awful translation found in a hotel in Japan

In a hotel in Japan

Say, you have translated sentences. Are you really sure they are correct and natural?

Look at the English sentence in the figure. It is a little notice found in a hotel room in Japan. You may get what it means, thanks to the drawing, but how good is the English translation?!

We will evaluate the existing translations between English and Japanese for you, whether you have ordered them somewhere else or you have done them by yourself as a part of the language study.


Proofreading of Japanese (or English) document

A cartoon of proofreading

A cartoon drawing of proofreading (the actual format will be different).

Proofreading: You have made a great effort to write a document in your second language to publish. Spell checks have been done, of course, and even the grammar must be correct now. But unfortunately, those things alone would not make your document look natural, or ever would not give a guarantee it would be understood as you intended. Wouldn't you like to make it as if written by a native speaker? We are here to help you with our proofreading service of either Japanese or English.

Note if you have the same document in the original language, please use our evaluation service instead.