Evaluation/翻訳検定 Form

Please input the document you would like us to evaluate. 訳文の検定のご注文用フォームです。

Input the source document in the original language (before translation).
The label for this order for identification (This is used as a label when we deliever the finished product to you).
Input the translated document, which you would like us to evaluate to see how accurate and/or good the translation is. If you have any note or comment, please add it here. In particular, please state your preferred language, either English or Japanese, you want us to communicate with you in.
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Upload any reference materials (such as, images). / 参考資料(画像など)のアップロード。
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Allowed file types: txt tex html htm shtml ps pdf jpeg jpg png gif tiff tif doc docx xsl xlsx ppt pptx odg.