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We offer a proofreading service of your Japanese (or English) document.

You can order the service very easily from our website. See Flowchart of an order for the details of the procedure and format of the acceptable document. Or, simply contact us, please.

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An idea of proofreading (our actual format will be different).

We make not only simple grammertical checks but also propose some more natural expressions in the language. Japanese and English are very different in the structures. Also, the western world and Japan are very different in their cultures. For those reasons, expressions translated straight from English to Japanese are often not the best ones in Japanese, if not quite incorrect. In our service of proofreading, we will even consider those advanced points, if you want, and propose the best Japanese expressions.

We also offer the proofreading service of English articles (that are perhaps written by a non-native speaker). Please specify your preference of the language, either English or Japanese, for our response to communicate with you.

You can make an order from here.
Note if you have the same document in the original language, please use our evaluation service instead.

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