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Wise Babel: English-Japanese translation and learning

We, Wise Babel Ltd, provide the services of translation between English and Japanese, evaluation of existing translations between them, and proofreading in these languages. Our years of experiences in translation and cutting-edge scientific researches make us stand out, particularly for scientific articles. We promise the best quality for the translated products or proofreading services in these fields and decent quality for other fields.

Also, our unique web-based system offers the customers one of the easiest interfaces to submit documents, pay and receive the product for the language services. You could order your chosen services in a way similar to those in amazon or other Internet-based shopping sites.

In this modern borderless era, where the Internet reaches almost any small corners in the world and where people casually travel all over the world, to make one's business accessible to another language can well be one of the key factors for growth and success of the business. Wouldn't you like to make your business more accessible for those 130 million wealthy people, most of whom speak only Japanese? Or, if you are a self-taught learner of Japanese and hit a wall, how do you solve it?

We are here to help. With just a few clicks, the beautifully translated sentences or document from English into Japanese will be delivered to you in a short amount of time. Or, the other way around — from Japanese to English is equally fine with us.

You may want to give your first try, now?! Choose your preferred service from the main menu bar near the top.

Note: We regret to say we do not take the order in the fields of law, pharmaceutics, medicine, or finance.

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+44 333 012 4289
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Masa Sakano, Dr.

  • Residence: UK (Scotland). Mostly the UK since 2001.
  • Fields, which he is especially good at:
    • (X-ray) astronomy, astrophysics
    • Physics, X-ray technology, Space technology
    • IT in general (incl. Computers, Network, Software engineering)
    • Sports (particularly, climbing, mountaineering, martial arts, running)
    • Politics
  • Languages
    • Japanese (Mother tongue)
    • English (Fluent; the primary languge in daily life)
    • French (Can reserve a hotel room; fine with the grammar)
  • CV (Scientist)
    • 2000: PhD, Kyoto University; X-ray astrophysics
    • 2000-2001: Research Fellow, NASDA, Japan
    • 2001-2003: Research Fellow, JSPS and Univ. Leicester, UK
    • 2003-2013: Research Associate, Univ. Leicester, UK
    • 2011(Concurrent): Research Associate, Univ. Geneva, Switzerland
    • Published papers: 101
  • CV (Translator)
    • 『戦争中毒』("Addicted to War"; Godo publisher, 2003) is the first published book of translation (as a co-translator)
    • Member of Translators United for Peace (TUP) since 2005, and its chairman since 2008
    • Other published translations include "Googleは何を目指すのか" ("The Cloud Panopticon — Google, Cloud Computing and the Surveillance-Industrial Complex", Iwanami), "冬の兵士" ("Winter Soldier", Iwanami, 2009, co-translator), "候補者ジェレミー・コービン" ("The Candidate" (Jeremy Corbyn story), Iwanami, 2019, co-translator)
    • Many translations published in the Internet. In particular, many contributions to TUP news articles.