Flowchart of an order, payment and delivery

File formats of the document to submit

If your document is in the plain text format, you can simply fill the form in one of the pages under "Order", and you will see the quote of the fee. If you accept it, you can proceed to complete the order, including payment. Then just sit back, relax, and wait for the delivery of the product.

Apart from the plain-text, we accept the following formats:

  • HTML
  • LaTeX and TeX
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Note the quote for the fee would not be automatically calculated with these formats, hence please follow the procedure below to ask for a quote. First, go to the page "Order" as usual, then input just "Asking for a quote." (or something similar) in the form for the submitted document, and upload your file, using the uploading facility in the page. Ignore the automatically calculated quote for the fee, but just proceed to Checkout, and select "Ask for a quote (no payment)" in the following payment page. We will check the uploaded document and will get back to you with the quote for the fee. Alternatively, you can simply contact us via our Web form or email address listed.

Flowchart of an order

Flowchart on our website follows the procedures explained below.
If the ordered document is long or if you have some special request, please contact us, and we will do our best.

1. Input the document you want to order

In "Order", select the job of your order, then input your document and other required information, such as the field of the document. その後、

  1. Press the button Get a quote
  2. Check the data and quote of the fee. If you find any problem, you can go back and reedit the data.
  3. Press the button Order, and then it will be put in your (shopping) cart.
  4. If you have other documents to order, go back to the first step and repeat the process.
  5. If you have nothing else to order, press the button Checkout in the cart page, and proceed to payment.

2. Login

If you haven't logged in our site, you need to login at this stage. If you don't have an account on our site, please create one by registering.

Immediately after you have created your account, you will receive the email of notification about your account. Please click (access to) the link in the email, or if that doesn't work, copy & paste the link to the address bar of your web browser and open it. Then the process of registering is completed, and your account is activated.

The email of the notification, which contains the link to activate your account, usually reach your mail box in less than 1 minute. If you haven't received the email in 10 minutes, contact us about it, after checking your spam-filter mail box just in case.

3. Payment

After logging in (or immediately, if you have already logged in), you will see the payment screen. The payment will be made via PayPal. You don't need to have an account on PayPal, but you can make payment with your credit card.

If you don't want to pay but just want to get a quote for your order instead (for example, if the data format of your document is not plain text, that will be always the case), please select "Get a quote (no payment)" in the payment screen.

After the payment (or the process to ask for a quote) is completed, the notification email will be sent to your registered mail-address. If you have chosen to ask for a quote without payment, we will review the document and get back to you about it by email.

4. Delivery

Once the ordered job (e.g., translation, proofreading) is completed, the set of product, including invoice and related documents, will be stored in our website, protected with a password, and the email of notification will be sent to your registered address. Please refer to the password in the notification email, access the specified URI with your web browser, and download the product set.

The product will be deleted after 2 months in default. If you want us to delete it sooner, please contact us and we will follow your request.

Fee and payment

In our web-based automatic ordering system, the fee is calculated based on the kind of the job to order, field of the document, and the number of words (or characters). For example, when you order a translation, it is calculated based on the number of English words in the submitted document for English to Japanese translation, and is based on the number of Japanese characters in the submitted document for Japanese to English translation. The fee for evaluation of existing translations follows the same principle. That for proofreading is calculated based on the number of English words for an English document, and on the number of Japanese characters for a Japanese document.

In the calculation of the fee, the minimum amount of words (or characters) per item in an order is set to be 50. If the number of the words (or characters) in the submitted document is smaller than that, the fee is calculated for 50 words/characters. The base currency is Japanese Yen. If you choose a different currency, the exchange rate varies, depending on the international exchanging rate.

If you want to order a long document, we may offer a discount. Or, for proofreading the amount of our work heavily depends how good the submitted document already is. If it is already pretty good, we can accept the order with a discounted fee, if you ask us to give you a quote beforehand. We are very flexible with each customer's demand. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

When you use our handy automatic ordering system, it is obviously a pre-paid system. However we can be flexible if our job is carried out after you ask for a quote. In particular, we are willing to follow your instruction or request about a specific form of the administrative document, such as invoice, which administrations in some corporates like universities may demand.

Delivery time and working days/hours

We are based in Scotland. Accordingly we basically follow the standard working hours and days (Monday to Friday, except bank holidays in Scotland) in the British time zone (GMT, or BST in summer).

The delivery time scale vary, depending on the amount of the ordered document from you and other customers we are dealing with at the time of your order, and availability of our staff. If you need an urgent work or a particular delivery date/hour like deadline, please ask us, and we will do our best. We might be able to work during weekend in some cases. We are flexible!